Sunday, 21 April 2013

JD Mini Meet

Four of our puppies meet up today for a Cockapoo Meet arranged through the CCGB Cockapoo Club Chat forum. You ladies have done your puppies proud and we think they all look fabulous.

'We had a lovely mini meet today at Stevenage today in the sunshine. All four dogs JD poo's !! Sorry picture overload !!  Angie

From left to right, Clare and Ollie (Rose x Ziggy) Me and Bumble (Honey x Fester) Mandy and Scrumptious (Bramble x Fester) and Suzanne with Bruno (Willow x Ziggy)'

Great pic's Angie !! Look forward to meeting up again in the Summer x   Clare

What a lovely morning walk we had, I hope that we can get together to do it again before too long and that the weather is just as good next time!       Suzanne

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