Sunday, 26 May 2013

Get a shufty on summer !

Yesterday was the first day this year that we've been able to play with puppies on the decking 

Monday, 6 May 2013

Bumble the Superdog

Hubby took Bumble for his afternoon walk to the park this afternoon and came back bursting with pride.

Apparantly they were walking along approaching a wooded crossing and could see up ahead a mother and child.  The child was quite obviously autistic or disabled in some way.  Then suddenly from nowhere came a snarling, growling Schnauzer dog without it's owner which confronted the child and mother, pinning the child to a tree and really frightening them, causing the child to scream and burst into tears.

Bumble spotted the child's distress immediately and leapt into action, bumbling into the situation with his usual gusto, and completely separated the dog from the child, distracting the dog away from the child completely. The dog then turned on Bumble quite nastily but he just ran a safe distance away and stayed safe.  Thankfully the dogs owner then appeared, got the dog under control and walked off.

The child continued to be quite upset.  But Bumble who can be full on at the best of times, seemed to understand, and he stood really quietly with the child, wagging his tail gently, trying to comfort him while hubby chatted with the mother.  By the end of it, the child had got his confidence again completely and hubby said it brought a tear to his eye, watching the child and Bumble playing and rolling on the ground together, with the child hugging Bumble, laughing and giggling while Bumble continuing to be really gentle.

These poos really do seem to have a sixth sense about situations and emotions.  Our boy is really growing up  :star:  :star: 

Angie xx

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Proud Mummy

What an amazing day at The Forces Equine Show. Basil got a clear round in the Steeplechase and my mad Rufus came SECOND in Grade 1-7 Jumping and FIRST in Grade 1-7 Agility! (Rufus is grade 1) I am so pleased I could burst! Love my boys! ♥ ♥  Karen