Thursday, 19 December 2013

We've just had a lovely update on Ellie and Tandy, retired mummy's to some of our Cockapoo puppies.  To check out the other retirement stories click Life After JD.

Ellie left Sept '10
Ellie went to a young couple in Falmouth. They were so happy with her that they came back and took her kennel mate Tandy, just 5 months later so they are reunited.
Tandy left Feb '11

(E-mail we received 19 Nov 2013)
Hello, I stumbled across your website and though you might like a little update on Ellie and Tandy. They are both still very well and very active. They absolutely love the beach, their food and cuddles! They came to our wedding in 2012 and are loved by everybody they meet. They do also love their home comforts and in the house are usually found snuggled up on their chair! We are moving house next month and will have an even bigger garden for them and will be just 10 minutes from the beach! We have a new addition to the family ( human kind!) and they have has perfect manners and adapted to having a baby in the house really well.  I have attached some pictures.
Ryan & Becky 

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