Wednesday, 16 July 2014

WARNING: Beware of The Pedigree Club pedigree papers.  

Stephen took a 'Cockapoo' in last week for the CCGB RRR and she came with registration to The Pedigree Club. We duly paid £10 to change the ownership and a further £10 for a 5 generation pedigree. It arrived and we checked it out against the KC. If it were to be believed then her father is a Cocker Spaniel with Doberman and Lhasa Apso ancestors and her mother is a Smooth Fox Terrier by a Cocker Spaniel out of either a Cocker or a Golden Retriever. So we have ordered a Wisdom DNA kit at a further £60 to establish what she is to see if Stephen can genuinely rehome her as a Cockapoo …

…SO what is the point of producing papers with the disclaimer 'that the information is provided by the owner'….only one reason I in my opinion, to fleece money and give fraudulent papers to unsuspecting puppy buyers and give another avenue for unethical breeders to con buyers. 

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