Monday, 22 September 2014

Cockapoos were a hit at The National Pet Show

We were set up and everything was shipped shaped on Saturday morning with all of 10 minutes to spare. LUXURY with my history of trying to do too much in an allotted time.   A HUGE thanks must go the Mick and Jeanette who are not only animal and house sitting for us over weekend but arrived at 9 am Friday morning and rolled up their sleeves and helped get me on the road to the NEC by 9pm !!!. They checked Silk through the night, in the early hours of Saturday morning and during the day competently saw in the arrival of a litter of puppies   :clap: great job guys, our doggies couldn't have been left in better hands.
The show is a big professional affair and next to us all day was a huge screen over an arena where Superdogs Live competition was running hosted by Ben Fogal, Noel Fitzpatrick (Supervet) was giving talks and Chris Packham was being interviewed too.
Our Cockapoo stand was THE most professional in the Discover Dogs section and I was very relieved that all the preparation and planning paid off. We were inundated with visitors without a moment even for a wee break from 9.30 am until the show overall started to slow down a little by 3.30pm on Saturday and then again from 10 am to about 4pm on the Sunday. We have given out shed loads of all of the leaflets and our boys here, Yogi, Woody III and Niki have been impeccably behaved, charming and just down right gorgeous.  Time will tell what feed back we get as a result of this effort. Below are a couple of snap shots to give you a flavour, I did see Stephen briefly using his GoPro camera so a video may follow later in the week. J x

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