Saturday, 7 March 2015

Introducing Casper

Our awesome senior stud poodle, Ziggy is 6 years old and so I got to thinking that we needed to plan way ahead to find another boy to fill his very big boots. After months of searching, networking and Googling I got word of an amazing toy poodle puppy. When visiting the litter I was blown away by his sweet outgoing and obviously intelligent character and unusual colouring, a black sable phantom with cream points. He was irresistible, so I didn't resist and am delighted to say that now at six months old he has been DNA tested and is clear so I am able to introduce you to Casper a future stud dog.

He loves training so now regularly joins our Cockapoos Yogi, Woody III and Nike at A1K9's Dog Training Club. Today was his maiden photoshoot and he posed like a pro. Just love him. J x