Adult Dog Availability

Occasionally we have adult dogs for sale, which does happen when we retire our adorable breeding dogs. These dogs have been selected for their kind temperaments, health and good looks but with the bitches they have a maximum of 4 litters in a lifetime. So by the time they are about 6 years old we have them spayed and offer them to families as house pets for a minimal cost of £400. As they can live into their teens they have much to give for many years ahead.

To view feedback on previously retired breeding dogs check out the Life After JD page.

If you would like more information or would like to meet any of the dogs listed below please call Stephen on 07590 200028 or email


Stunningly beautiful Saffi was born 26.7.2011, she is very happy to live with other dogs harmoniously but they are not the focus of her attention. Saffi wants to be a companion to someone who loves walking in the countryside and as you can see in the picture, carrying toys or causing a ball is high on her enjoyment list. She is such a happy dog, her tail never stops wagging. If you are a serious walker then Saffi could be a perfect partner and to counter that in the evening she is cuddly and affectionate too.


What a handsome face and the kindest eyes show exactly what Echo is like in her heart, sweet, friendly and affectionate. She was born 24.4.13, she is tall and athletic, always elegant. She loves cuddles and adores walks. Echo is a born explorer so can climb high fences and will dig under them if possible so must go to someone who has great dog facilities. If she escapes she is easy to recall. 
She has been the most amazing mother caring for and being very gentle with her big litters of puppies, we will miss her awesome maternal skills.

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