About US

We are Julia and Stephen and we have been breeding Cockapoos since 2007. It all started when I (Julia) wanted to buy a house dog for my daughter Ella when she was just 3 years old.

My background has been breeding and competing Trakehner Competition horses professionally with my family for 25 years.

Coming from a farming environment, we worked Border Collies with sheep and a Springer Spaniel to the gun. We went to view a Cockapoo breeder with a view to buying a puppy but although they were very cute, fluffy and healthy they didn't match up to what I wanted from a pet. I felt that I still wanted the intense eye contact and willingness to please that I'd enjoyed with my working dogs, so decided that I could breed what we wanted and so chose to breed from working cocker spaniel mums with a miniature poodle dad. From the first litter two Cockapoo puppies were advertised on the internet which resulted in 50 enquiries! That level of interest just hasn't stopped to this day.

Stephen and I met in May 2008 and at that stage I had four pet working cocker spaniel bitches and a miniature poodle stud dog and was classed as a hobby breeder. Over the last few years not only has demand for our Cockapoo puppies increased but Stephen, not previously a 'doggy' man has found his calling, loves the outdoor lifestyle working with the dogs and Jukee Doodles was born.

Jukee Doodles, now a thriving business, runs up to 16 Working Cocker Spaniel breeding bitches and two Miniature Poodle stud dogs. We only breed Cockapoos and love what we do.