Cockapoo Puppy Availability

UPDATE 23 FEB 2017: Woohoo !! We had Valentine's babies. Panda and Uncle Fester litter are so cute. 💖Here is the proud Panda with her seven pups, 4 GIRLS: 1 x CHOCOLATE, 1 X BLONDE & 2 X BLACK and 3 BOYS: 1 x CHOCOLATE, 1 X BLONDE & 1 X BLACK

UPDATE 13 MAR 2017: Sorry for the delay, here are the latest puppies to announce.

Saffi had her last litter on 23 FEB 17, this time with Ziggy as the dad. They are classically yummy Ziggy pups with one little surprise which is the dark little girl is showing signs of black and brindle markings. 6 GIRLS: 5 X BLONDE & 1 X BLACK/BRINDLE and 1 BOYS:  BLONDE.

Pebbles and Casper had their puppies on 26 FEB 17. Little bundles of cuteness with an array of colours. 3 GIRLS: 1 X CHOCOLATE AND WHITE PARTI & 2 X BLACK TUXEDO and 3 BOYS:  1 X CHOCOLATE ROAN, 1 X BLUE ROAN 1 X BLACK AND WHITE PARTI.

Magic was coupleD with Pepe and their puppies were born on 3 MAR 17. Such an attentive mummy. 3 GIRLS: 1 X BLONDE PARTI & 2 X BLACK TUXEDO and 4 BOYS:  2 X BLACK TUXEDO &  2 X BLACK AND WHITE PARTI.

Moley was mated but she has decided to hold on to her waistline for now as she did not get pregnant this time.

Winter/Spring 2017
This waiting list is now full.

Summer 2017
This waiting list is now full.

Autumn /Winter 2017
This waiting list is now full.

UPDATE 12 DEC '16: Thank you for your interest but we will not be taking any further reservations on the waiting list for the coming months.

We are happy to show visitors all of our dogs and the whole set-up here even if it is just for a fact finding tour.


Like 'Peas on a Pod' Brambles beautiful chocolate sable puppies have gone to their new homes. Here is a video of when Max came to meet his new playmate Polly.

OUR puppy selection process is not done until the puppies reach 6 weeks old. At that age you can start to see their characters, looks, coat type, colour and charisma. All elements we feel necessary for you to make a very personal and instinctive choice of the perfect puppy for you, over another one. No one on the waiting list chooses who has which puppy until that 6 week old stage. All customers are welcome to visit both before during and after that stage so there are lots of opportunities to watch the puppies and make good choices.
We are NOT advocates of breeders choosing the puppy for the buyer nor buyers choosing pups at a few days old, for the above reasons. 

Each of our puppies costs £950 regardless of their sex or colour. If a customer wishes to reserve a place on our waiting list they can do so by paying a £250 non-returnable deposit which then forms a contract with ourselves and the buyer. 
We reserve the right to cancel this contract if we have just reason to think there may be any animal cruelty, a welfare issue or an unsuitable owner or living environment for the puppy as a result of the sale. 

For further details please feel free to ring Stephen on 07590 200028 or e-mail info@jukeedoodles.co.uk