Health Testing

Although breeding the first cross between a Poodle and a Cocker Spaniel gives the F1 Cockapoo and has the well documented advantages of having Hybrid Vigour, it does not negate the importance of a couple of common genetically carried recessive health problems and hip dysplasia that need the relevant testing. A full explanation of the health testing can be found on this link to The Cockapoo Club of GB Health Testing page. As CCGB Approved Breeder Members we have signed up to their Code of Ethics and adhere to at least the mandatory health test requirements, that all litters MUST have at least one parent tested prcd-PRA DNA clear.

If one parent is prcd-PRA DNA clear then the worst that any of their offspring can be are carriers and PRA carriers will not go blind from the disease. However if you were to breed two carriers together, statistically 25% of the resulting puppies could be affected and those have a very high chance of contracting the disease and going blind.

Here at JD we are very pro the health testing. All three of our Poodle stud dogs have clear DNA results. Our Cockapoo stud dogs have been bred from DNA tested parents and are clear by parentage for both PRA and FN.

We have also Hip-scored them and they have excellent results, as seen below

I shared a post on FB with the x-ray picture and text below. I found it fascinating. General consensus seems to be that all puppies are born with perfect hips but some dogs are genetically predisposed to getting HD (which can be inherited from ancestors generations back in their lineage),  so sadly some of the susceptible ones experience things in their environment which exacerbates the potential problem. If we had many generations of Hip Score results it may be possible to locate where the problem may have originated from.

This is an X-ray of a puppy at 2 weeks old - just look to see how far the bones have to grow to just become proper bony joints, let alone become strong articulating joints that have correct feedback into the brain... this is why it is imperative that we don't over-exercise our puppies, and certainly not jump them or train them too hard before they are fully developed. This is different age categories for different breeds, and if the dog has had any specific problems during it's puppyhood. Please be careful at this stage so the dog's joints will last well as they age! Longevity is key!

Our breeding bitches will have a maximum of four litters in their lifetime and only one litter in any 12 month period.

All of our adult breeding dogs have now been fully DNA tested and the results can be seen below.

ZIGGY (15") DLRC Miniature Poodle:  prcd-PRA DNA clear, FN DNA clear, Hip-scored 3/4 = 7, 
BVA Eye tested clear

UNCLE FESTER (14 3/4") KC Miniature Poodle: prcd-PRA DNA clear, FN DNA clear, Hip-scored 3/3 = 6

PEPE (14") KC Miniature Poodle: prcd-PRA DNA Clear by parentage, FN DNA clear, Hip Scored 6/5=11

YOGI (17") F1 Working Cockapoo (Ziggy x Bramble)  : prcd-PRA DNA Clear by parentage, FN DNA Clear by parentage, Hip-scored 4/8 = 12, 
Luxating Patella manual exam = Excellent

NIKE (15") F1 Working Cockapoo (Pepe x Ruby)  : prcd-PRA DNA Clear by parentage, FN DNA Clear by parentage,
Hip-scored 4/6 = 10


PATCH prcd-PRA DNA clear and FN DNA clear

BUTTONS prcd-PRA DNA clear and FN DNA clear

WILMA prcd-PRA DNA clear and FN DNA clear

PEBBLES prcd-PRA DNA clear and FN DNA clear