Our Breeding Dogs

For the full health test results please go to Health Testing

All of our adult breeding dogs male and female have been fully DNA health tested and the results can be seen below.

The Boys

We have three miniature poodle stud dogs Ziggy, Uncle Fester and Pepe. You will see that these are not your classic show ring bred, pom pom cut, 'cotton wool' coated poodles with thin faces and spindly legs. They are modern stocky, short muzzled, off-road poodles with loosely crimped coats perfect for breeding cockapoo's. Our boys are either DNA tested for prcd-PRA eye disease with normal/clear result, or 'clear by parentage. As they don't carry the defective gene it will not be possible for their puppies to go blind from the disease. Although Miniature are not likely to carry Familial Neuropathy (FN) we have DNA tested Ziggy, Uncle Fester and Pepe and they have normal/clear results. This allows us to state that any puppies from bitches who are also DNA clear for prcd-PRA and FN are clear by parentage.

Our stud dogs also have been Hip Scored, to give these numbers some meaning the worst hip score possible would be a total of 106 and a perfect one 0, So our boys have got great results, are on or below the average mean hip score of 12 for Miniature Poodles, which is ideal.

Ziggy -Retired Feb 2020

ZIGGY (15") DLRC Miniature Poodle:  prcd-PRA DNA clear, FN DNA clear, Hip-scored 3/4 = 7, 
BVA Eye tested clear

Father and sons - Ziggy with Buzz and Yum-Yum

Here is a short comical video clip of Ziggy with Stephen 

Uncle Fester - Retired Feb 2020
UNCLE FESTER (14 3/4") KC Miniature Poodle: prcd-PRA DNA clear, FN DNA clear, Hip-scored 3/3 = 6

Father and son - Uncle Fester and Woody II


PEPE (14") KC Miniature Poodle: prcd-PRA DNA Clear by parentage, FN DNA clear, Hip Scored 6/5=11

We are pleased to be able to offer the stud services of our three beautiful fully health tested, F1 Working Cockapoo dogs Yogi, Woody III and Nike.

YOGI (17") F1 Working Cockapoo (Bramble x Ziggy): 
prcd-PRA DNA Clear by parentage, FN DNA Clear by parentage, Hip-scored 4/8 = 12, 
Luxating Patella manual exam = Excellent

The Girls

All of our working cocker spaniel breeding bitches are carefully selected for temperament and beauty. 


PATCH prcd-PRA DNA clear and FN DNA clear

WILMA prcd-PRA DNA clear and FN DNA clear

PEBBLES prcd-PRA DNA clear and FN DNA clear


  1. Ah I love the new pictures!! Gorgeous dogs, everyone of them xx

  2. Hope the lovely Pippa has settled in her new home (lucky people)? I love Pippa's hair do!
    Rose has a lovely curl on the top of her head, so cute x

  3. To say your site is a credit to you isn't credit enough... All your pics and puppy vids are BEAUTIFUL. Your dogs seem truly wonderful, and your blog so open... I Love all your sweet dogs - who is the dog behind Mia in her photo. S/he seems a different breed?

    From Bethany

    1. Hi Bethany,

      Thank you so much for your comments. The old boy behind Mia in the photo is my red and white Border Collie 'Max'. He is 12 years old and we also have his full brother who is a blue merle who is 10 years old and called 'Rossi'. They were here long before JD existed. J x

    2. THANK YOU for the welcome into your home today - THANK YOU! All your dogs are dear hearted Beauties! Hope you don't mind the emails - When I have the colour name for Steve's Range Rover, I will pass it on - I've not forgotten!

  4. Thank you very much for welcoming us into your home this afternoon. We found the visit very informative not to mention exciting and enjoyable meeting all of your wonderful dogs. We have definitely set our hearts on adding a cockapoo to our family and were very reassured at our girls response to your dogs. We'll definitely be in touch in the near future. Thanks again Wayne, Rachael, Phoebe (3years) & Amelia (18 months).

  5. Thank you for such a wonderful afternoon yesterday. we enjoyed every bit of being with the dogs and of course our visit to Boston. We found our Visit very informative and loved meeting the gang especially woody (i know stephen..... no favourites) but he made us laugh trying to get the ball off Yogi who is also adorable. Ziggy and Uncle fester were gorgeous and enjoyed 'poo' zoomies with the kong air ball i brought. very excited to add a cockapoo into our family. Julia and Stephen are a wonderful couple and anyone thinking of a future 'poo' I would highly recommend taking a visit to JD Land.

    Anya & Linda