Hello Julia, Hello Steve
I hope this email finds you well.
I have been meaning to write for a while, and finally I find the time.
Leela (as we call her) is now nearly 7 months old and is doing really well.
I really just wanted to convey to you how happy we are with her. She is the most delightful puppy, playful yet obedient, active and at the same time very chilled!
Our younger children play den with her (which she loves) and the older ones take her on exciting walks, which she equally loves. My husband feeds her in the morning, so she thinks he's the good guy! and as for me, I have found the perfect companion in Leela. She accompanies me on my walks, and shares my downtime. We share cuddly moments as well as challenging ones.
She has attended a six week puppy class and hopefully will soon be able to join in the follow up course. Anything that was taught to her during the classes, she has made her own.
Leela simply is the perfect dog, loyal, obedient, fun to be with, understanding and cute as well!
She has the most loving nature, and her relaxed and well-adjustad character reflect the breeding environment she comes from. So, well done you! Keep up the good work and thanks a million and a half for Leela.
Kind regards

Here is the latest of our gorgeous George (Ziggy x Echo 23/09/14) 
He is a joy and we are really enjoying having him! Marg

He's the best Julia, so loyal and intelligent, he's been my soul mate through this last difficult couple of years. Linda X

Bilbo and Flicka
Copper's sister Flicka has wonderful eyes too and is so loyal. Philippa

I had my spay op on Monday and mum took this video last Saturday, so we’ve not been able to play at all since then, as I am recuperating, and I am not allowed to play with Rosie for a few more days still, it is very hard, cos we have such fun! But my op went perfectly and I am healing nicely, Phew, m&d are very much relieved!
Lily love xxx

Just a short note to update you on the progress of Lucky (Willow and Ziggy) who is now 6 months old. How time has flown, never a dull moment in our house now. 

He is filling our lives with fun and love, what a bundle of joy, always happy. Super temperament, loves everybody and is interested in everything. 

We met Stephen in Woodhall a couple of months ago, at first I thought it was just somebody else darting across the road to enquire about this good looking wee dog. Good to see you again.  . 

We have attached some photographs for you to laugh at or use. 
Hope you are both well 
David and Jennifer

I took this of Bertie on 9th January enjoyimg the Aga. We are enjoying him and he certainly enjoys life!

I just wanted to send you an email to give you an update on our little Millie (Mia x Uncle Fester) who we picked up from you on 12th September. 

Upon now arriving at the six month mark we now couldn't imagine living without our lovely Millie.  The first few months of having her at home were definitely a challenge and pretty hard work (kind of like having a baby all over again!).   Now we're attending 'doggie school' twice a week and my youngest daughter (who was scared of dogs before - she would cross the road to avoid them!) constantly has Millie by her side.  Millie now has her passport which made it possible for us to bring her over to France and for us to return to the UK for holidays.  She has a lovely temperament, LOVES kids (adores the school run) and has become a wonderful and very important member of our family.  I read from the newsletter that the cockapoo games have been confirmed - and we've booked to come along.  

Here's some photo's (out of the many hundreds that we've taken).

Thank you for all your help in our decision process.  I'm now working on my husband for cockapoo number 2!!!!


Michelle, Cyril, Maxime, Charlotte, Elodie & Olivia


She really is an amazing dog. I'm starting to think about a friend for Indie and would like to know the status of your waiting lists at the moment, could you please advise? 

Macy's going to be 1 in a few weeks and she wanted to wish Willow a happy mothers day!  so we've sent some pictures of her trying to pick out flowers for her, she started with tulips but the pot was too big to pick up, she could only find one daffodil which seemed a little sad and she wasn't allowed to dig up the hyacinth's so she settled for a run through the bachelors button hole to see what stuck!
Hope you and the dogs are all well, macy's going for her first grooming in a couple of weeks (we're very nervous), and she's also had her first season which went well. Everything is going great and we can't thank you enough for letting her pick us.
Keeley, david and macy

What an amazing day at The Forces Equine Show. Basil got a clear round in the Steeplechase and my mad Rufus came SECOND in Grade 1-7 Jumping and FIRST in Grade 1-7 Agility! (Rufus is grade 1) I am so pleased I could burst! Love my boys! ♥ ♥ Karen

'We had a lovely mini meet today at Stevenage today in the sunshine. All four dogs JD poo's !! Sorry picture overload !!  Angie

From left to right, Clare and Ollie (Rose x Ziggy) Me and Bumble (Honey x Fester) Mandy and Scrumptious (Bramble x Fester) and Suzanne with Bruno (Willow x Ziggy)'

Great pic's Angie !! Look forward to meeting up again in the Summer x   Clare

What a lovely morning walk we had, I hope that we can get together to do it again before too long and that the weather is just as good next time!       Suzanne

Cookie is so laid back nowadays I sometimes mistake her for a cushion:She loves my bed in the day, wherever I am upstairs I will always find her curled up in the covers. :love: 

I look back at my life when I didn't have her and can't imagine life without her now. We hoped she would grow up to be a calm, friendly, well behaved dog but she is truly one in a million to me. :love:  Sophie

Just thought I'd send you a few photos of Sebastian, he is fantastic and everybody loves him!! We have had him for just under year and can't imagine life without him! Alice

This is our lovely Tumble mummy is Bramble daddy is Ziggy.Best thing in our life.He is nearly 2yrs old really considering getting another one now he is well trained.Thankyou Julia and Stephen for giving us the best dog in the world.x Tracy

Best dog ever! Best regards, DM

Just thought you might like to see Cocoa at 9 months! She is gorgeous and we all adore her. One of the best decisions we ever made. I am planning to up load more photos onto my pc and will send you some more photos. We are now even considering getting another puppy from you! Sam and John

We hope you are well and no doubt have your hands full!!
I hope you remember us, we bought a puppy (Dizzee or Scrawn as you used to call him) from you last year.
Well.....where do I start?! What a fun year we have had. EVERYBODY loves Dizzee, he is a pleasure to own and has changed our lives. I just wanted to say thank you for such a lovely natured, beautiful, happy dog. He is everything we could of wished for along with the most adorable face ever! He is so affectionate and has fitted into our lives perfectly.
Dizzee is 1 now and, touchwood has been a really well behaived puppy. Hardly any chewing, got the hang of being toilet trained quickly and is well behaved. 

"I thought you would like an update on Tallulah.

We can't believe that she is nearly 10 months old! She is loved by everyone at home and on the common.
She is going to be a PAT dog once she has had the test, the vet says she will be a perfect candidate as she is such a good natured dog.Hope all the dogs are doing well and Yum Yum is still being a good boy, if possible could we have a recent picture of him please.Have a good summer,"Kind regards, Ruth 

I thought I’d e-mail you with an update on how our gorgeous little Roxy is getting along.
 She is an absolute joy to have in our family and ever since arriving at our house, has been happy, energetic and a lot of fun.  The kids love her, and Roxy loves walking down to collect Ben from school and meet all the kids.  I also have a mum at school who by coincidence bought a female, black cockapoo at exactly the same time as us so Roxy often has walks with her little friend, Lulu, who looks identical to her and is also just as bonkers!
 Thanks so much for all your help in breeding, what I think is the most beautiful Cockapoo in the park (and there must be about 8 of them in Mill Hill every morning!     Emma 

"Just thought you would like to see how quickly Bertie has grown and changed . He is very happy and exciting and has settled in very well. We all love him to bits and looking forward to spending our first Christmas with him."
Merry Christmas ,
From Matti, Kate, Laura and Alice

Well he is the most wonderful boy-I remember Stephen saying on the day we collected him"he will be just what you want him to be"-well he is,Stephen !!!! After the 1st night when he cried ALL night Mick decided he didn’t like the crate (which was relegated to the loft and has resided there since)he has slept in the kitchen near the Aga and to this day has never cried since or chewed anything in there except his toys.He also has not had the bitey stage -again Stephen we followed your advice and pressed firmly on his muzzle saying "no biting" thank you -it worked and he doesn’t!.
     He goes for a 5mile walk down the rail trail in the national park almost every day and gradually we have managed to stop him trying to bounce on everyone he meets-still a work in progress though.He is particularly ecstatic to meet any other dogs ,especially the grumpy or aggressive ones !"come on lets be mates and jump allover each other for a few hours!" needless to say this rarely gets the desired response but rest assured he is never put off and tries the same tactic endlessly with the joyful optimism of a true cockapoo.!!He is now 17 inches to his shoulder and weighs in at 14.6kgs.

     We hope all is well with you all in Jukeedoodleland and long may you continue to bring these delightful,loving,characterful,joyful dogs into the world !!
                              THANK YOU AND A BIG WOOF xx FROM LEO xxxx

Hope you are well, we were looking at your new website and wondered if you would like some pics of our Elvis. Elvis is a wonderful dog and we are so pleased with him. Do you still have Pippa? We were thinking of getting a playmate for Elvis maybe in the spring. 
Kindest Regards  Perry Family

Hope your both well.  Back in July we collected our "little blonde" (the shy little girl from Lily's first litter), and we thought it was about time we sent you an update!
Where do we start??  Willow is now 8 months old and is the most sweet natured, clever, entertaining and gorgeous dog who is totally adored by everyone.  She went to puppy classes which were 'easy-peasy' for her and because she can jump sooooooo high we are thinking of taking her to agility classes when she is 1 year old.
A massive thankyou for our beautiful dog and well done to Lily and Ziggy too!!  So tempted to get another one!!

Kind Regards,  The Goddard Family.

She is making fantastic progress and is a complete live wire. She loves walking in the forest nearby. We have been doing some very basic agility work to the point she know commands and what to for the tunnels, jumps (poles on the ground), walking along a plank -  raised to chair level and running through the channel weaves. She is pretty amazing and so intelligent. At the moment, it’s play but she has no fear of the equipment and I have no doubt that the work ethic she appears to have will come to fruition in the competition ring. I am hoping to take some video of her soon to show you her agility skills.

Kind regards  Tracey

I am doing agility with Bilbo now so need to register him with the Kennel Club. Bilbo is well and healthy and enjoys his agility very much. Philippa has registered him as a PAT dog too and he goes to and old people’s home and a respite home for disabled children, which he also seems to like doing, and we think is very worthwhile. Cheers John 

What a beautiful dog he has grown into. Everyone around here loves him and he has made friends with several ladies who were previously frightened of dogs - he is so gentle and well-behaved. With best wishes to you all. John, Philippa, Bilbo.

You're not going to believe this...I was walking in Hampstead Heath just in front of Kenwood and a little way in front of me was a very familiar looking dog.  I made my way up to the owners and asked about their Cockerpoo.  He looked so like Alfie that I had to ask where he came from, his birthday and his parents...and he turned out to be Jigsaw, Alfie's brother.  How amazing is that?  He looked lovely and his owners were as happy with him as I am with Alfie.  I didn't think that was possible!  Here's a photo...
After that horrible scare just before Christmas Alfie is now back in perfect health.  The vet still doesn't know what it was and I'm just happy that he's fighting fit, happy and not on any drugs.  We absolutely adore him.  He has to be the most spoilt dog I have ever had and I don't care.  He is absolutely gorgeous with the sweetest nature and the funniest personality.
Hope you are all well at JukeeDoodles!
Lots of love   Charlotte, Aoife and Alfie   xxx

We bought Maisy home last April and she quickly settled into her Scottish home! She goes to doggy day care every week day and has a fun old time with various other pups and dogs and is well socialised and loves agility. My intention was to work from home but circumstances changed so didn’t want Maisy to be home alone! She really is spoilt…..
Anyway she really is adorable (I’m biased) and we are seriously thinking about a brother or sister for her, but that will be next year! I’ve attached a couple of photos. Hope jukee doodles is doing well. Holly and David 

well i am digby's mum .. and i am so very proud and pleased .. he is such a lovely joyful fun healthy sweet clever beautiful little pup .. and we are so very happy to have him .. he is very loved and we are already thinking early next year would be good to get the second one .. everywhere he goes he is admired and just so loves to join in with other pups .. i am taking photos of his development .. he is really very handsome .. we couldnt love him more.. my mum says everyday how delighted she is .. he has made all the differance .. he is at this moment off to make a star apperance at a friend of hers .. i took him camping in the new forest last week .. he was so good .. he is a dream dog really ..we feel very lucky to have him .. took him to training this morning .. it was commented that he was very inteligent .. anyway hope to be in contact again soon ..he is best you get top of the range .. unconditional recomendation .. feel very lucky to have found you and you can so tell that digby had a good start in all ways .. warmest regards and much gratitude katherine , val and sammy

Just to keep you updated, Woody went to our Son's wedding (yes all of it) and I think he stole the bride!

We thought you’d like some pictures that we have of our cockerpoo that we got from you last year.
His dad was Ziggy and his mum was Rose, born on Christmas day 2009.
He is such a wonderful chap and we all love him to bits.  In fact, we loved him so much, we brought another cockerpoo from near where we live.  Her name is Holly and she’s chocolate brown, and smaller than Bayley.  We loved you web site and thought you might like some pictures to add to it.  I shall have to send them over a couple of e-mails.
 Many thanks for Bayley.

 Steve and Gail

ahh, Woody walking in the woods in the spring! He is now going to agility classes and is brilliant - loves the A frame and even the see saw - a natural genius I think! Tell Stephen all that early work paid off! Mary


Thought we'd send you an email with photos of Lola!  We can't believe she is now 7 months old - it seems so long ago when we made the 8 hour journey in the snow in December to collect her.
Lola is a brilliant puppy and we have so much fun with her.  She is very friendly, affectionate, playful and loves lots of attention.  She enjoys meeting other puppies in the park and especially likes playing 'football' with a tennis ball. She keeps us fit!
Thank you so much for a wonderful dog.
Best wishes, Rhoda, John, Emily, Lucy and Jenna 

"We absolutely adore him !  He is a great wee dog, great personality, very friendly and it is so nice how many people comment how good he is with children.  We have three children of our own and I also childmind so he learned very quickly how to behave around them.  He loves nothing better than chasing after a ball or a stick, as you can see from the photos !"
Many thanks and kind regards. Lynne Lawson.

"Hi Julia, well it's been almost 6 months since we got Obi and he looking great.  We get stopped everywhere asking about him and what a wonderful colouring he is.
He is a truly loving and energetic dog and has been great with our Autistic son Chase.  I've attached a photo for you. Hope you are all well." Regards, Daniel

"Hope you are both good. Woody looking very smart after his first haircut!
Here is his salon - only in Essex!!!
He sends his love - he is adored by everyone x"

"Hello both. We thought we'd send on some photos of Coco. At 6 months old she's the most beautiful, loving dog....with a LOT of character. Apart from digging up the carrots in the garden she's been fantastic and loves her weekly training sessions. She's definitely inherited her mums ability to jump!  Hope things are going well with you guys and the dogs (and horses) are all well."
Pene, Mike, Joel and Victoria

"Woody is amazing, we couldnt imagine life without him now, everyone always stops us and ask what is he? and tell us that he is gorgeous, he has got such a good temprement and is always full of beans and so intelligent.
 Look forward to hearing from you"
 Steve, Tasha and Woody

"As you can imagine we are still truly in love with him, he’s adorable and everything we could wish for and more."  Keep well. Regards Stacey

"Hello there!  It's been a long time since we sent you a picture of Dexie, especially since she has just turned 1 year old.  Her character is pretty much flawless, save for her delight in digging muddy holes and helping herself to the washing!!!
We have met lots of different cockapoo in the last month and the owners ALL say the same as far as socks go!! 
A little while ago at a boot fair we met a woman who had a pup, Hugo, from the same litter as Dexie, huge coincidence seeing as we lived hundreds of miles from you! She was VERY surprised to see I had a photo of her dog on my phone :-)
We are seriously considering another pup and would value your opinions. Is it best to have girl-girl or girl-boy? Or is there no real difference. Think we would love a pup from Daisy as dexies temperament is fab but wouldn't mind a different colour. Do you have a litter planned for her this year? "
All the best. Hope to hear from you soon
Pete, Sarah and Dexie 

"We thought you may like a picture of her as she approaches 6 mths. She is a delight to have in the house, very loving and always ready to play. She has attended training classes and will start agility in Feb. She jumps very high so I think that she will enjoy the activities."
Happy New Year, Paul and Lisa

"I would like to thank you for the fabulous puppy you bred for us.  Mollie is doing so well.  She travelled the whole 6 hrs home sleeping in the car and never done the toilet.  We expected to get up on Sunday morning to a mess but she was clean and dry and she did the toilet outside which she has done every morning.  She cried the first two nights but since then she has been great and is happy to go into her crate and sleeps from 10pm till 6am.  I keep thinking it is a fluke and that I can't be so lucky for it to continue to come down to a clean puppy in the morning.
On the other side she has her mad half hours which is just fun and she is loving the snow here today.  She loves her cuddles though and Jack is so loved up with her it is great to watch.
A big thank you from us." Allan, Kim and Jack.

"Now that Purdey (one of Honey's pups) is as good as the 'finished article', I thought you might like a final up-date on how she turned out.  I seem to recollect when we picked her up, that you were trying to follow how their coats turned out, and as you can see from the enclosed pictures she has the look of a permanent 'bad hair day' look. She has continued to be 100% delightful, full of character yet very intelligent. She adapts to new situations very easily, has been away on holiday 4 times this year and loves swimming in the sea." Best Regards Jill & John Simpson


"A little update: Ruby is very well and happy pup.  We all love her and everyone she meets loves her too." Faye

"we thought you would like to see a few pictures of bobby
he has settled in remarkably well and monty our labrador loves him
he is perfect"
with very best regards andy and avril

"She settled in straight away, I think keeping to the same diet helped a lot, no tummy upsets and no faddy eating, so she thrived from day one.
The lovely weather through those first few months made it really easy to house train and put her in tip top condition.  She is now a solid but supple 11.5 kilos.
 Bonnie has proved to be a hit with everyone she meets, some recognise the breed, others ask me just what sort of breed produces such a scruffy looking pretty dog.  (If you have had any recent enquiries from West Yorkshire, they have probably seen Bonnie in their local park)  We have 2 Pets at Home stores within 10 miles so we usually shop most Saturdays and Bonnie enjoys this very much.  She is a real hit with assistants who seem to make a point of learning each dog customer name. 
Have a great Christmas and thank you once again for rearing such a wonderful companion."
Best wishes Irene and Paul

I can't believe how quickly a year has flown by! I wanted to send you a photo of Daisy (now 16 months old) and to say a massive thank you for our beautiful dog.  Daisy has bought us all so much joy since we picked her up from you last Feb.  She was a puppy from Rose and Ziggy's litter born on Christmas day (Beau's sister!) Have you still got Beau?I hope you are all keeping well and once again thank you for the best friend ever.Sam xx

Maisie (6 months old)
Hi Julia,
"Thought you might like to see a picture of Maisie just coming up to six months 
She is the sweetest natured  and happy dog ever."
Hope you are well. All the best. Julia

We live on a farm so animals are part our life. Cleo is now 3 years old so very much part of the family. She is gorgeous with a wonderful temperament and so intelligent. She is always happy and follows me around the house sitting patiently if I am working. I talk to her and she understands so many words and expressions. We have 4 acres of garden so she has lots of exercise and fun. My morning cuddle with Cleo sets a happy tone to the start of the day. Life would not be same without her.

Tess (4 months old)
"Very sorry we have not been in touch since picking up Tess. I attach a couple of recent photos of our pride and joy. Not quite the quality of the photos you sent us but we did try!  She is an absolute star and we are all besotted with her although Thomas is clearly The One as far as she is concerned! (Although I have noticed that she is most contented when all five of us are at home or the house is full. The more the merrier!). Tess follows Thomas everywhere and quite wisely so, as he takes her out as much as he can. She gets plenty of exercise at the local park where she meets lots of other local dogs. She sometimes gets more exercise than she bargained for and comes back completely exhausted. I think you will have had some news through Caroline and Jessica who looked after Tess for a week last month...and were glad when we returned! Tess and Munch love each other's company but never never seem to calm down when they are together so the week was quite a challenge. We sometimes have Munch for a couple of hours "to play" and Tess is exhausted when he leaves (and so are we!). Luckily, my worst fears have not materialised and Tess is very calm and peaceful when she is on her own at home....She is particularly fond of my sunlounger!

 So all in all, a great success- she is just the family dog we had been looking for:  very sociable, energetic and fun but she also responds very well to training and is very well behaved overall. Thomas (and Tess!) were very proud to have got the bronze training certificate and they are now working on the silver one."
 All the best from all of us.


  1. well i am digby's mum .. and i am so very proud and pleased .. he is such a lovely joyful fun healthy sweet clever beautiful little pup .. and we are so very happy to have him .. he is very loved and we are already thinking early next year would be good to get the second one .. everywhere he goes he is admired and just so loves to join in with other pups .. i am taking photos of his development .. he is really very handsome .. we couldnt love him more.. my mum says everyday how delighted she is .. he has made all the differance .. he is at this moment off to make a star apperance at a friend of hers .. i took him camping in the new forest last week .. he was so good .. he is a dream dog really ..we feel very lucky to have him .. took him to training this morning .. it was commented that he was very inteligent .. anyway hope to be in contact again soon ..he is best you get top of the range .. unconditional recomendation .. feel very lucky to have found you and you can so tell that digby had a good start in all ways .. warmest regards and much gratitude katherine , val and sammy johnston ..

  2. MARLEY!!!
    Marley is now 3 years old and has had a lot of muddy, sandy and wet walks and has enjoyed them. We love him loads since the day we all met him. In the holidays we went to Cornwall and Marley learnt how to swim. (we're so proud) bye for now the from Annie Howells age 10 !!!

  3. well this is digbys mum again ... we are still delighted to have digby and when we came back for a visit we fell in love with captain jack .. who like digby was a bit of a specail case .. so we now have two cookerpoo boys .. and we are so happy that we did go ahead .. they are truely the most lovely family members and friends.. they are sweet natured , fun and so affectionate ..they are devoted to each other and have endless fun with each other .. its so nice for digby to have a playmate .. they both have strong personalities but are equaly lovable .. devoted and dotted apon they are .. we have every intention of bringing them for a visit sometime soon .. though i think we will have to stop at two .. as much as i am confident that another would be equaly easy to fall in love with .. really they have, and will continue to be such a wonderful addition to our family .. i have complete confidence that we made the right choise of breed and breeder many people have fallen in love with them they are just such lovely dogs thankyou very much steven and julia .. all the best and please know that you are bringing such joy with hard work and love you put in to your dogs .. please if we are tempted to have another one .. please try and discorrage us .. because when we are there surrounded by all those pertential little bundles of fun and games it will be very hard not to want want .. warmest regards and hope to see you very soon .. we have a whole cd of photos of them both together .. i can bring them and you can take your pick .. again thankyou and see you soon katherine , val and sammy johnston .. unconditional recomendation ..