What is a Cockapoo?

'Cockapoo' is a generic term and there are many, many different types bred, depending on what their parents are. Here we are outlining the first cross with a cocker spaniel and a poodle, the 'F1' in some detail. It gets more complex when two Cockapoo's are bred together, F2, as potential throw backs can result with 'The Grandad Effect'. Where Cockapooo puppies in the same litter can take different characteristics, some of poodle, some of cocker spaniel and others of cockapoo. Further variations are where a cockapoo is bred back to either a poodle, to give an F1b or a cocker spaniel. All variations are still referred to as a Cockapoo but range wildy in size, shape, appearence, intelligence and temperament. However what they all have in common is their low to non-shedding coat that is hypo-allergenic and can be suitable for those people with allergies.

A 'Toy' Cockapoo has a Toy Poodle parent thus a 'Miniature' Cockapoo has a Miniature Poodle parent. In our experience 'Toys' are not only smaller, up to 10" but are much more needy and what they lack in size they can make up for in noise. The Miniature Poodle comes in the Old Fashioned: long muzzle and slender legs, pom-pom cut, quite a petite dog and then the more Modern: shorter muzzle, more stocky build and a calm temperament. Also a large factor is which type of the three cocker spaniels make up the other half of the F1 Cockapoo. The American Show Cocker, the English Show cocker and the English Working Cocker are so different that they could be viewed as different breeds.

  • The American Show Cocker Spaniel is the smallest of the three, has a domed head, deep stop, dropped and long ears and a dense/heavy coat that can grow to the floor. As pets these dogs are usually clipped on a regular basis.
  • The English Show Cocker Spaniel is the largest, again has a domed head, deep stop, dropped and long ears and a dense coat that is thick and wavy.  As pets these dogs are usually clipped on a regular basis. They are very popular with retired people as they tend to be 'couch potato's' that are happy to be house pets. 
  • The English Working Cocker Spaniel is an athletic small gundog that has a light coat with pretty fringing that doesn't have to be clipped, with high set ears and square faces. Bred for working performance as a priority, they can vary in look and size more than the show dogs. They are intelligent, willing to please, soft mouthed (used to pick-up and carry game without damaging it), obedient, faithful, sweet natured and very trainable.

In our personal experience you get 60% of the resulting look/temperament of the puppies from 'mum'. An F1 cockapoo is the first cross of a cocker spaniel with a poodle, which one is mum and which one is dad will have a defining effect on the end result. F1 is considered to have the optimum hybrid vigor and have a hypo allergenic coat with three potential variations: tight curly, loose wavy and straight coat. All of the coat types have very low dander/shedding and are suitable for people with allergies.

What we breed (and only breed) is a modern miniature poodle dad to an english working cocker spaniel mum. This results in an 'off-road' family dog that will go up hill and down dale, swim, walk , run and play effortlessly outside, Then become and loyal, cuddly 'ornamental cushion' indoors. People often refer to our dogs as looking like 'real life teddy bears'.

This information is designed to give you a chance to choose the type of Cockapoo that will suit you and your lifestyle best.